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Web Design Agency | Responsive Local Website Design-Funky Howler

FUNKY HOWLER is passionate about providing bespoke business solutions that grow and expand a business to the next level and beyond. Based in London helping create masterpieces of web design for the the United Kingdom and the world.

Covering everything in Digital Design experiences including all types of Websites Design Services, Graphic Design, Photography, Aerial and Film, SEO, Analytics, UX Design and Paid Advertising. We incorporate any or all of these services as the client requires, to boost customer attraction, sales and profit.

Fed by the briefs we are given, we work our magic into your ideas to give you a result you will be excited by.  

Our team is a dynamic mix of people whose skills are impressive in their specific areas, and who complement your business' needs perfectly.  Our desire to go above and beyond brings a wonderful energy to our projects that "blow the competition out the water" as one of our clients put it. have look at the businesses we cover.

We hand-pick our web agency team in London to include individuals who share that energy and vision, and who we feel will deliver the cherry on the cake for our projects.

We feel no detail or aspect is too small, we love a challenge and to be pushed into new areas of accomplishment. We have a dressed down policy, relaxed and happy produces the best creative flow.

We are particularly good at helping small to medium size businesses that need many aspects of work undertaken to push them in the bigger league. Call us to chat about your ideas. See our testimonials page

The Funky Howlers
It's how we roll!

It's our super detailed research that prepares our projects so well, that we shine through every stage to completion


With goals that impress, our planning takes our research and develops it into awesome projects that build our reputation


Design is our speciality and we love coming up with sexy web designs that impress any brief and will suit any taste


No project is left in the cold. We support your business going forward before, during and beyond any projects we undertake

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Funky Howler has designed, built and maintained our website over a number of years.  Changing legislation means that our website has to continually evolve and remain compliant within the legal framework that we operate.  They proved to be proactive, flexible and someone we can depend on.  Moreover, they are very interested in the effectiveness of the website to our business model and frequently suggest improvements that help bring in more traffic.
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Our Services
Mobile Designed Websites
Digital Marketing / Brand Marketing / Performance Marketing
Getting your Brand to the right people

Our expert Local web development team gives us the unique advantage to carry out a successful digital marketing campaign, completely in-house. This allows us to make both small & complex changes to a website as part of an SEO strategy, avoiding any unnecessary delays and ensuring that work is carried out as efficiently as possible.

  • Performance Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Brand Marketing - getting you more than just noticed
  • Content and Social Marketing
  • Analysis and Insight Marketing
Marketing Services
Responsive Web Design London Agency
UX & SEO Designed Websites / E-commerce Websites
As Local WebSite Designers we create magic that looks not just great but Effective and user friendly

As a leading Local web development agency, we have a bespoke process from the start to the end of your project, with tailored designs unique to your requirements. All of our websites are carefully crafted before being coded by our experienced developers making us an extremely flexible and agile agency, ready to take on projects large or small.

  • Bespoke Websites: Stand out from your competition with unique, bespoke design.
  • Every website our London web development team creates works seamlessly on mobile devices, thanks to our responsive design coding and technologies.
  • Our web designs consider customer journey and UI and UX, with optimised navigation to guide site visitors through a well-thought-out user flow.
  • SEO Optimised Websites: Full onsite optimisation for search engine indexing & ranking.
  • From small Shops to large businesses that require E-commerce Websites
  • If your current site needs Website Development for improvements over a many areas such as user interaction, sales conversion we are your team
Responsive Websites
UX Designed Websites
UX Designed Websites/ UX Implementation / UX Data Analysis
Local UX Design Services

It’s not enough to have a flashy website looking all shiny and new, these days the keyword is UX.  No it’s not another gaming platform, it stands for User Experience and is all about the satisfaction factor your viewer has when using your site.

  • Have your website designed alongside the business goals and are aligned with the company persona, style and personality.
  • UX Design is all about finding the result of their search in 3 clicks or less
  • UX Website Design - We see all the different viewpoints from a User Experience perspective
  • UX Implementation - we overhaul your current site and make our own expert suggestions on what we feel can be improved to attract more visitors
  • UX Data Analysis helps you have insightful data analysis to boost website performance and sales
UX Design
SEO Optimised Websites
Organic SEO / Technical SEO / Blogging For SEO
Search Enging Optimisation (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation - Organic - is the coding that is applied to your website that tells the search engines that your site has the information that the searcher is looking for. As certified local SEO experts, we will take your website, ensure it is top notch in terms of organic SEO programming and let loose on the world of Google, Bing, Yahoo and more and await the increase in traffic with every ranking climb it achieves.

  • Certified Google Partners, passionate about achieving real results for your business.
  • Full onsite optimisation for search engine indexing & ranking.
  • Appear in Google page results for the searches that are important to you.
  • Transparent monthly reporting on progress, rankings, conversions & tangible ROI.
  • We are experienced and committed to helping our client’s websites rank higher for those important and relevant keywords, in relation to their specialist industry sector.
Search Engine Optimisation
Website Design Agency
Google Adwords / Bing Ads / Paid Social Media
Pay Per click

We deliver highly streamlined, smooth campaigns that deliver your message to the customer while showing your business strengths. We can even integrate tech that targets your audience when they are making their buying choices, maximising on all potential sales opportunities. Lets discuss your options

  • Certified Local Google Partners, highly driven for achieving real results for your business.
  • Google Adwords, Bing Paid Advertising we do it all
  • We tweak campaigns from the results we get as frequently as you require as time is money.
  • Rest assured that our Google Adwords team are the experts that will under promise and over deliver on paid search engine advertising.
  • Do you want to advertise on Social Channels and need our help?
Pay per Click
Web Design London
Why do you need Analytics? / Competitor Analysis
Analytics & Research

Data is the power behind your business success as it can steer the ship from the rocks and into prosperity.  Marketing technology like Hitwise’s Audience Profiling enables us to understand your customer model, with Competitor Analysis we can learn what is working for others in your field, and later we can observe your campaign’s success with their Performance & Analytics tools.

  • Providing you with a set of analytics reports that enable the management to understand the organisation's performance and aid in formulating and or achieving business goals.
  • Analysis & Research brings you better focus and results
  • Performance Analytics
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Audience Profiling
  • Tag Management
Analytics & Research
E-commerce Websites
Bespoke Designs
Graphic Designs

We have a dedicated design team who work solely on creating cutting-edge branding, website layouts, and designs. Using the latest graphic design and illustration software, we are able to craft anything you want or need to go on anywhere you can imagine.

  • Brand Design
  • Website Graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design.
  • Print Design Work
  • Business Stationery
  • Internal & External Comunications;- Emails, Brochures, Presentations, Advertising
Graphic Design
Products / Events / Architecture / Corporate
Film & Photography

Film and photography can be dynamic mediums to capture anything you want to show off. With sophisticated equipment to get the best angles and shots including 360 degree shots, a multitude of panning shots and more, shooting merchandise has never been so much fun and looked so good, and been so cost effective.

  • Industry Experienced Photographer
  • Product Photography or Product Filming
  • Corporate photography and film show you off to the world. Brochures, company literature and visually engaging website content give the viewer a chance to get to know your company in a way that you want to be portrayed
  • Affordable Photography that captures your products
  • Do you hold events that you would love to film to share with other staff, other companies or the general public?
Film & Photography
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