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Reporting on SEO Search

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Reporting on Search

Whats reporting on search?
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SEO campaigns as valuable as they are, need to be debriefed for the analytics team of your business, to be digested to fuel the decision making process.  

Our detailed reports on your SEO campaigns will be delivered as frequently as you request, and will revealing the impact SEO having on your business.  We will reveal how your well your pages and keywords are doing, where the site traffic is originating and show you where other business opportunities may be. 

Reports are tailored to specify the data that will best enable your company to make the decisions necessary to take your business forward. 

The benefits of this reveal how efficient your marketing budget is and the suitability of the directions you are taking to grow and expand your company. Join with our strategic marketing and paid SEO teams to refine and excel your SEO campaigning to get it to the best place it can be in today and tomorrow’s market. 

To see how our Reporting on SEO services can improve your business prospects, call us today to speak to our teams. 

Funky Howler reporting service on search

SEO Reporting, Analysis & Consultancy offices in London & Hampshire is here to help your business grow.

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Funky Howler has designed, built and maintained our website over a number of years.  Changing legislation means that our website has to continually evolve and remain compliant within the legal framework that we operate.  They proved to be proactive, flexible and someone we can depend on.  Moreover, they are very interested in the effectiveness of the website to our business model and frequently suggest improvements that help bring in more traffic.
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