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Creating A Website Design Brief

Whats Involved?

Are you planning to create a website?

A Complete Guide To Get You Started

Are you planning to create a website design,but feel blank about where to start from? Coming up with new ideas may get tiring over time. Sometimes the mind goes blank, and we have no clue where to start from. 

While you are creating a web page, you have to make sure that you are clear in able to communicate your thoughts and ideas. So whenever a visitor or user is going through your content, they know exactly where to look for. 

Since the advancements in technology are occurring at an astonishing rate, a considerable number of new websites spring up each day. But to make sure that your website doesn’t come off as just another boring web page, you have to put in some extra efforts. 

We have written a comprehensive guide for you. The guide will help you to communicate your ideas in the best possible manner. Moreover, you will be able to explain your demands to the users too.

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The Importance Of Creating A Website Design Brief

We strongly feel that creating a website design isn’t the harder part. A much more challenging task is to make sure the brief you come up with fulfils the purpose and goals of your website. 

Another aspect is to install the idea of a healthy working environment that your website team should have. Unity amongst the ideas will create coherence, which is one of the key points needed for successful web development

Since your brief will work as a direction for your team to work on, it should be clear and easy to comprehend. It should explain your strategies to your team in a brief but smart manner. 

However, it is essential to keep in mind that coming up with a website design brief is important; you do not have to go all out. The brief does not have to include a summary of your business strategy for the next decade!

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Web Design Brief
About Your Organisation’s Background

Before we move onto anything else, the first and foremost thing to touch upon is describing your organisation. There should be a short paragraph that explains the background of your organisation. 

You can add your company’s name in the description for starters. You can tell a little about the advent of the company or where it is based. The date for the start-up and who started the company are some of the most popular things mentioned frequently. 

You can go on to describe what the aims of your company are. But this has to be short – preferably a sentence long. 

Website brief to fulfil your goals
Goals To Fulfil

The next part will talk more about the goals for the business. This section will include the purpose of the organisation, so users have a better idea about the web page. 

Moreover, the objectives of the company will also be displayed on this page. The goals may include a variety of things like the long term plan and corresponding strategies. 

The organisation will give you a defined set of goals that you will have to work on as part of the web development project. But make sure that you keep it precise. There’s no need to include a lengthy log on performance statistics and audit. 
Writing just a few bullet points is more than enough when it comes to describing the goals. That gives an overview of what the website is trying to achieve. 

Develop Your Logo
Designing A Logo

How many times have you seen a logo and instantly knew the company it's associated with? Many companies spend a lot on their logo because logos have one of the most significant impacts on branding. 

A logo gives the maximum amount of branding to your organisation. Thus, it will have a significant impact on website design, as well. The website will use the logo in a number of places to make the branding efficient. In case you already have a logo, we might have to go over the logo if there is a need for change.

Targeting Your Audience
Targeting Your Audience

What is the primary goal of any website? To boost their organic reach, so the maximum number of people can visit the site. This is only possible if you are targeting the right people. 

For this, you have to know about your audience. Explore their interests and understand what is lacking so you can fulfil it. Because even if you have an audience and they are not satisfied with the content, then there is no use of it. 

A better way to start with this is to make a website, keeping in mind the audience. It allows you to come up with a project which particularly appeals to the audience.

Developing Your Website
Your Current Website

The website which you are using currently gives us an idea about what you want. The content you have on your current website serves as a forerunner for your new website design. So it’s always a good idea to provide us with a link to your existing website. 

Furthermore, you can also explain to us what you think is not needed on the website. This will help us in being careful while putting together a design. So we will get rid of the respective ideas and replace them with some other more exciting ones. 

setting standards for your website
Setting Standards

There are many websites online that offer the same purpose. If you know of any websites that have the same aim, then it's always helpful to come up with a better design. 

Having some examples at hand is a plus point. With this, we can have a better idea about what to target as we are working. 

The best possible way to do this is by looking at the web design of your competitors because you have to be better than them. 

Placing Content Smartly
Placing Content Smartly

Now that you have taken measures to ensure the overall look of your website is done, the next thing is the content. You have to make sure that the organisation’s website has content which is in proper order.

It is not easy and rather a useless idea to create a web design from information that is haphazard. Therefore, it is essential to have the content in order before you start making a website. 

You should have everything in proper order and inform us about your needs. For instance, if you need visuals on your web design, you have to specify that.

Fixing the technical side
Fixing the Technical Side

The technical side of your web design needs to be in proper order. If you slack in the technical department, there is a higher chance of setback for your website to flourish. 

You need to give a lot of precise details so we can come up with a better design. For the technical side of your website to work fully, we may need a couple of things to get started with. This may include blogs, social media accounts, forums, booking systems, API integration, E-commerce, etc.

Future Proof your web design
Future Planning

Do you want your website to benefit you in the best possible manner? For this, we need to know what plans you have for your site in the future. 

There could be features that you want to add on to your Websites later. You may change the audience of your website in the next five years. This means the content may also vary in certain places. For these reasons, it is important for us to know about your plans. 

Knowing about the plans will give us a crystal clear idea about how to brainstorm ideas to develop a website that is easy to amend in the future. 

Setting a Budget for your website project
Setting a Budget

The next thing you have to do after setting the goals for your website is setting a budget. A lot of times, people do not know about how working with a digital agency goes around. There are costs involved that people are not aware of which makes it important to set a budget beforehand. 

What else can set a budget do? Once the organisation has a budget in mind about your company’s website design, it becomes easier to navigate with the project. 

The budget gives a clear idea of the extent of working on the project. It also gives a rough idea about the efforts we have to put in while developing your website. 

Develop Your Rankings
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

What if you have a good website with the best features and amazing content, but you still fail to reach your desired organic reach? For this reason, it is important to give a lot of time into creating a force that drives people towards your site. 

Search Engine Optimisation increases the traffic on your website. Therefore, while developing a website, you have to take certain measures which increase search engine results for your website. 

Conclusion for website design brief

There are various ways to get your website started. However, it is important to know that starting a website isn’t tough. Keeping the content engaging enough for users to go from one page to the next is more important.

At Funky Howler we can create a stunning website design and fully optimise your website with the SEO needed for your website to be seen. Give us a call or email to discuss your next website project.

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