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Information Architecture

Effective Information Architecture gives people the answers they are looking for in a way that builds confidence and trust, which is what we deliver.

What is Information Architecture?

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Billions of searches for products, people and services take place daily online.  Presenting the required information in a way that people find efficient and informative, helps to capture the maximum sales opportunities from those searches.  If discovery and purchase is difficult and frustrating, not only will users leave in a hurry, search engines will observe this and place better sites at retaining users in higher rankings, where you should be instead.  

Our certified UX researchers use Information Architecture to reveal if a user journey is smooth and efficient or sticky and tricky, and suggest improvements to make using your site more intuitive and viewer friendly, in turn engaging that sale.

We have many UX tools up our sleeve to use in numerous ways to reveal the paths your visitors take and how to make them even more satisfying ones. 

Info Architecture is refined strategic delivery of the information that people are searching for being fulfilled by what you provide via your exquisitely presented site.  

It’s the better way to deliver what someone is looking for, how well it is organised and presented, what navigational options are utilised and the language and terminology used.  

It is more than just a nifty bit of writing or savvy marketing, it is communicating in a way that is easily understood and digested by the consumer, which motivates them to take action with you, over all your other competitors. 

Call us to see how our qualified Information Architects can help your site become the best it can be at delivering your site, right!

A constant check on UX architecture
What our clients say
“We instructed Funky Howler to review and critique our old website – it was 3 years old at least and not tablet friendly. Following a detailed review of the site and its’ shortcomings we asked them to design a new one from scratch. We provided the majority of the content, but the images, design/layout and navigability was all left to them. The team there quickly understood our market position and the client culture we were keen to appeal to, and we were truly delighted with the results – the perfect blend of substance and style. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Stephens Rickard
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"Funky Howler have designed, built and maintained our website over a number of years.  Changing legislation means that our website has to continually evolve and remain compliant within the legal framework that we operate.  They have proved to be proactive, flexible and someone we can depend on.  Moreover, they are very interested in the effectiveness of the website to our business model and frequently suggests improvements that help bring in more traffic.."
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Web Design
"I am extremely thankful that I chose Funky Howler to produce our websites. After delivering our first website with top quality and within excellent timescales it was a "no brainer" to entrust Funky Howler to produce our 3 further websites. Paul Howell was dynamic in his approach and great at listening to client demands but also brilliant at recommending his own visionary ideas and marketing web strategies. Since the launch of our sites we have also used Funky Howler for SEO work which has accelerated our companies' exposure in good time. I could not recommmend a web designer more highly! Thank you again Funky Howler & Paul Howell. "
Kevin Harris
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