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Aside from the product or service, the name has to work, the logo, the colours, the website, the language, the approach, the focus and feel, it all has to work to make your business be the one that is chosen to provide the goods the customer is looking for.  

Our favourite projects are those we can roll up our sleeves on and get stuck into, over all areas that combine to forge your brand into a market giant. This may start at a logo redesign, a newer, user friendly website better able to attract and sell to your customers, perhaps with some swanky product film or photography to set your business apart from your competitors, with expertly effective SEO to ensure your rankings are tip top, building up to a full research and strategic marketing campaign to monitor and tweak your sales operations.

When Butcher & Edmonds came to us to help them match their digital presence to their good reputation, we started with their website, creating new and stunning, stylised images of all their produce, followed up by brochures and sales literature for all new and potential clients, their SEO was expertly set up to put their name on the top of the rankings for Michelin restaurant meat suppliers and business strategic planning to develop their e commerce launch to the public which is now consequently underway.

Contact us today to discover how a fresh pair of eyes and expert opinions can transform your business and help it stretch its wings.

Our Services Have Been Proven to Produce an ROI... call us today

Website Design

Your website is your modern day storefront and often your first impression with potential customers. It should reflect your brand, be easy to use, and get you more customers. Here at Funky Howler, we listen to the goals of the business and define the customer persona when designing our websites. The result is a beautiful, user-friendly brand asset that converts potential customers into leads.

Mobile Designed Websites
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Local SEO
Organic SEO

SEarch engine Optimisation

It is likely that someone is searching for your product or service in Google right now. And because of this, your company or brand needs to be competitive in the search engine rankings so you don’t lose customers to your competitors.
Funky Howler helps your business rank on the top of the search engines using everlasting SEO strategies built for businesses like yours.

Pay Per Click (AD)

Funky Howler can help you launch, optimise, and drive sales to your website or online store. We specialise in working with Webflow, Shopify, WooCommerce, and other online platforms. We can take professional content of your services / products, advertise them on social media, and rank your keyword at the top of the Google search engine. Schedule a time to speak with an expert today to leverage our expertise on your store.

Google Pay Per Click
Bing Pay Per Click
Digital Marketing
Marketing your Products and Services

Digital Marketing

With over 2.4 billion people on Facebook every day, be sure that your business stands out to the small percentage that matters for your bottom line. It doesn't end there.

We help businesses like yours stand out on social media by making your message visible to your target customers. With precise targeting, we can show the right message to your ideal customer based on age, income, interests and more.

UX Design Matters

Web design is far more than presenting information on a virtual page. They are formed alongside the business goals and are aligned with the company persona, style and personality.  They are created with the end user at the heart of the design, using all the available User Experience data to ensure smooth, seamless navigation from home to sale. Custom built with a multitude of style options, interactions and innovative formations, we take your business ambitions and make them a reality in the digital world.

Discuss your next project with Funky Howler today.

Mobile Designed Websites
UX Website
Funky Howler and UX Designed Websites
Analytics & Research

Analytics & Research

Your business has metrics that are important to you, we hand you your most important key performance indicators on a monthly basis on a report that is easy to understand.

Our reporting and analytics process includes simplified reporting, tracking, and measurable stats that allow you to determine your next marketing move with a few key insights.

Graphic Design

Graphics give a project a personality, a heartbeat. They make a brand come alive and project a message all at once. We are experienced in graphic design creation for all sorts of projects, from event fliers to brand logos to exhibition stand wraps.

Using the latest graphic design and illustration software, we are able to design anything you want or need to go on anywhere you can imagine.

Graphic Designed Websites
Website Graphics
Mobile Designed Websites
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Film & Photography

Funky Howler can help you launch, optimise, and drive sales to your website or online store by providing professional photographers and videographers to the table. We specialise in working withIn today's online world, it is imperative to have all your digital presence tip top, to attract the same quality of business. Images of your goods and services, your set up, your staff and your management team are all ways to show the world and your customers who you are and how good you are.

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Develop your marketing

Once we have a plan in place, the Funky Howler team will implement the changes by creating a scope of work custom to your business.

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