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10 Reasons to Choose Magento 2 In 2020
Monday, January 20, 2020
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10 Reasons to Choose Magento 2 In 2020

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A guide on top 10 Reasons to Choose Magneto 2 In 2020.

If you are someone who wants to switch to Magento 2 in 2020, you’re probably making a wise decision.

Here are ten reasons to choose Magento 2 in 2020 by experts.

Magento undoubtedly is an amazing platform for people who wish to expand their business in the field of E-commerce and take it to a whole new level. Medium to large scale businesses can especially gain a lot from Magento because they can easily manage a lot of content. 

However, Magento had its limitations, which were improved in Magento 2. For starters, it is much more enhanced and better in performance and design which makes it a much better choice to choose in 2020. 

Below is a detailed list of the top 10 reasons why choosing Magento 2 in 2020 is a better option.

1. Enhanced Performance: 

Magento 2 offers much more enhanced performance by increasing the overall user interaction and decreasing the load on the server. It is due to this reason that cart abandonment has decreased a lot.

Some other major parameters that Magento 2 has improved are:

  • Ajax Cart:

With the help of JavaScript, Ajax cart can add different items to the shopping cart without having to reload the entire page. 

This has lead to a very less load on less on the hardware, which in turn provides a much more responsive experience for shoppers.

  • PHP 7:

Because Magento 2 is built on the PHP programming language, it, therefore, is best optimised for PHP 7.

PHP 7 provides enhanced performance and faster loading as compared to the older versions of PHP.

  • Cache:

Magento 2 uses Varnish cache and HTTP accelerator for its performance; these software can effectively make any cache requests easy. 

Due to this reason, more than one user at a time can edit the product information of the eCommerce store without any data conflict.

  • Hosting Environment:

Many new features and functionalities are supported in Magento 2. If you use these features and functionalities, you can easily distribute the demand on your hosting infrastructure in multiple servers. This will allow for easy handling of traffic spikes.

2. Check Out Process Is Streamlined: 

Check out is one of the most important elements of an E-commerce web builder platform; it is because of the check out that you can sell. For instance, if the check out process is not easy, many people seem to leave it and go away, therefore having an easy check out process is one of the best things you can do for your E-commerce store.

With Magento 2, the check out process is made extremely easy and extremely simple. It is due to this platform that an increase in user check out was seen in many E-commerce stores. Magento 2 only has a 2 step check out process as compared to the six steps check out process in Magento 1. 

This would lead the user to become irritated and abandon their checkouts. Not only does this improve customer experience but also allow for guest check out option, which most people prefer these days. If you want your business’s conversion rate to increase, it's time to switch to Magento 2.

3. Improved Indexing: 

The improved and enhanced indexing rate of Magento 2 makes a huge difference; its improved indexing tends to increase the overall query performance speed.

With the help of an indexing strategy, you can increase the query processing speed and the overall performance of your web store into a smooth one. 

Indexing also helps in transforming the merchant data by creating index tables and then updating it on regular basis.

4. Improved Tool Kit:

Moreover, the Tool Kit of Magento 2 is Also Improved and made better. The tool kit of Magento 2 offers the following features:

  • Easy and much faster operation at the backend of the software.
  • Optimised web pages for a much more faster delivery
  • Increased server response time for activities in all the website 
  • Enhanced database flexibility for efficient handling of  peak loads
  • Improved performance widgets for creating test scripts for business

With the help of this updated tool kit widgets, users of Magento 2 can easily set up their eCommerce store.

5. Highly Compatible: 

Thankfully, Magento 2 has made it easier to integrate data, third party tools, web, and cloud services even though with databases like Data and NoSQL, it is a difficult challenge to integrate attributes with other eCommerce platforms. 

Magento 2 is also much more compatible with the latest PHP frameworks. It also has the tendency to work well with major databases like Hadoop, Oracle, and MySQL, etc. 

Magento 2 also has a jQuery library, which is its default library of JavaScript; because of this jQuery and Prototype conflicts do not occur; this makes programming with Magento 2 very easy and unproblematic.

6. Powerful Tools: 

Magento 2 has many powerful tools like

  • SEO tools
  • Catalogue management tools
  • Marketing tools

It also offers users a much more personalised experience; you can personalise things, add widgets to your dashboard and do a lot of other things that are needed to make an easily accessible layout for yourself in the back end or for users to see at the front end. It is with these powerful tools that one can easily run their business and allow users to come and buy things easily at their platform.

7. Responsive:

Due to the responsive design of this E-commerce web builder, Magento 2, you can easily operate on it using all devices you like. You will not be experiencing zero glitches and slower performances. That's for sure! 

8. Easy to Install Extensions

Installing extensions can be quite a slow process with most E-commerce web builder platforms, however, with Magento 2, you can easily and install extensions with a faster speed rate.

Magento 1 Support End Date – June 2020

9. Security Patches:

It was decided that the support given to Magento would end in  November of 2018, but things took a turn when they extended it to 18 months. Even though it is good news for all Magento users, many important fixes will stop coming for Magento. 

This is another big reason why you should upgrade and choose the latest E-commerce web builder, Magento 2, to get fixes and also to improve the overall user experience with added security. 

10. Dashboard:

Magento 2 Dashboard

With the use of Magento 2, you will be able to find all the important information within a single area; we mean the dashboard.

The Dashboard of magneto allows you to have an overview of the most important things with added convenience to bring you the comfort you deserve while running an E-commerce store.

With the dashboard, you will be able to see your 

  • lifetime sales
  • last orders
  • the average order amount
  • most viewed products
  • top search terms
  • new customers and much much more. 

The upgraded dashboard of Magento 2 is also efficient at displaying your financial data so you can see the overall state of your business in the blink of an eye.

Whats in-store for your next e-commerce project?

Shifting to Magento 2 is an experience you’ll enjoy having, and we strongly recommend you choose it in 2020.

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