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Taking a photograph of a person is an art. To have them looking great is one thing, to capture the expression, unspoken words, emotions and essence is quite something else. Our photographers are not only seasoned, experienced professionals, they are fantastic portrait photographers and can be relied on to capture the heart of what you want to convey, be that as an artist or actor, a corporate team for the company brochure or the star or celebrity for the occasion or event. Sometimes its capturing the family photogrpah in a way that will be the defining shot of an era. Whatever your needs for superb portrait photography, we can deliver the perfect image.

All types of Photography shots with Funky Howler

Case Study 1

David Suchet is a well known actor and TV personality and he wanted an interesting set of images that were much more dynamic than the usual Z Card shots most actors have. He worked with our photographer's suggestions to attain shots of the steely gentleman in some familiar environments.

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All types of photography offered by Funky Howler

Case Study 2

Luke Goss, pop icon half of Bros in the 90's has some autobiographies that he wanted some shots for. Capturing the unique style and model looks of the brothers came easily to our team in these pictures.

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A selection of musicians that required stylish portrait photographs for their career promotion.

All types of Photography by Funky Howler
All types of product Photography by Funky Howler
All types of product Photography by Funky Howler
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