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Food Photography

Food photography can make your produce look stunning and highly desireable by your clientele. For menus, catalogues and any advertising, packaging, editorial and PR shots, having professionally styled and photographed food images can be the difference in selling your produce or not. Our food stylists can work on the simplest raw food set up to full on, ready to eat, A la carte meals. Perhaps you want to photograph your store, restaurant or transport service? For any aspect, our team can accommodate your needs and deliver a first rate professional service like no other.

All types of Photography shots with Funky Howler

Case Study 1

RAO Fish are wholesale fish merchants operating from London's famous Billingsgate market. They came to us for a new website and new images of their produce to go onto it. They loved what we did with Butcher and Edmonds so much that they requested the same styling for their fishy photoshoot.

Their second phase plan is to develop into an e-commerce business and sell direct to the public.

Photography Services offered by Funky Howler
Beauty, Corporate, Food, Architecture & Advertising Photography
Funky Howler Photographers for your business and products
Whether its beauty, corporate or food photography Funky Howler offers it all
All types of photography offered by Funky Howler

Case Study 2

Butcher & Edmonds supply meat and game to the elite catering industry in London. Their clients include Michelin star restaurants. They needed a website and images of their produce to show to potential clients and also wanted a nicer and easier online ordering system for their regular clients. They are hoping to expand into e-commerce in the foreseeable future.

Website Photography
Full Website Photography offered by Funky Howler
Sell your product with excellent photography shots
Film or Stills photography
Photography, Film & Aerial services offered by Funky Howler
All types of product Photography by Funky Howler
All types of Photography by Funky Howler
All types of product Photography by Funky Howler
All types of product Photography by Funky Howler
Photography by Funky Howler
Product Photography by Funky Howler

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