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Designed, crafted and wonderfully created in  secret laboratories around the world

be excited, the time for greatness has arrived. 

Our agency

FUNKY HOWLER is passionate about bespoke, tailor made packages to suit individual client's needs. Fed by the briefs we are given, we work our magic into your ideas to give you a result you will be excited by.  


Our team is a dynamic mix of people who's skills are impressive in their specific areas, and who complement each other perfectly.  It brings a wonderful flavour to our designs that "blow the competition out the water" as one of our clients put it. We handpick freelancers in addition to our team that we feel will deliver the cherry on the cake for that individual client.


We feel no detail or aspect is too small, we love a challenge and to be pushed into new areas of accomplishment. We have a dressed down policy, relaxed and happy produces the best creative flow. 

We are particularly good at providing a wide range of services for the growing business that need many aspects of establishing work undertaken.  From business cards to brochures and E brochures to advertising campaigns, company logo's to registering you at Companies House, we have done the lot. We can even recommend good accountants! A Printing firm that has been hand picked for quality, value for money and a good fast service. A true one stop shop - but with flair!


Harry the drone provides not just arial shots that leave jaws open when giving that edgy image needed to stand above your competition.  But internal film to really show off your restaurant, office, warehouse, grounds, golf courses. A truly magnificent machine from DJI that has the latest technology. Our Pilot is fully trained and authorised to fly for commercial reasons from the CAA. How cool will you look with a funky video of your home or place of work.

Our skills

Truly a marvellous feat to have all those qualities in one place. You want your clients to love what you can bring to them well we are the same. We provide passion,full flavours of deliciousness and dedication to all our projects. 

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Film & Animation
Digital Design

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The Creative team

A blend of flamboyant, passionate, spicy flavours is our staff and freelancers. All were hand picked for their superb talents to help deliver such greatness. Our team of designers all have their uniqueness that works, as a team we love our work and all projects are discussed, reviewed analysed and infused with passion, dedication and fun.


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Paulo Howell

SEO & Creative Director 

Designed, cultured and magically created in a secret laboratory in Switzerland, and now unleashed on the public like a bat out of hell!!  Metal bird in one hand, camera in the other, his craft honed and his passion for capturing life pumped....... be excited, the time for greatness has arrived. 


Email: paul@funkyhowler.com


Nicole Arter

Creative Director

From the  hills of the Russian Border, Nicole has been trained by the KGB in captivated London's fashion world since 2002. some say she has a passion for fashion! others say she has an eye for style. What we know about Nicole is that she's got it in abundance. shes like the fuel for the rocket ship to the stars.

Email: nicole@funkyhowler.com


mcvirn Etienne


A silhouette appears from the shadows, stealth like, motivated and focussed on his target, a highly trained shooter.    

 Armed and ready, he lines his sight, takes position, aims and shoots....... "Work it baby" he says with a laugh.  London's premier

Portrait & Fashion Photographer.

Email: mcvirn@funkyhowler.com


George Clarke

Film Editor

Crazy as this may sound, Georgie boy was kidnapped from the pixel gods of Peru. His eyes move independently, like a chameleon eyeing its prey. His aligning, cutting and pasting skills would seduce the deftest of decorators.  With nerves of steel, he slices and dices like a Michelin chef, serving a mouth-watering edit, with a side of jus.

Email: george@funkyhowler.com



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